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How to play the game

About the Game

BRANDTRADER is a game where you become a financial trader in company stocks and shares.
Use BAV brand and market data to help you outperform the FTSE 100 and S&P 500 markets and become living financial legend, well virtually. Download T&C's here

Is Real Money Involved?

First obvious question... no Don’t worry! A virtual and very generous $100, 000 is provided to you to play the game - dont forget - no real money is won or lost. Losses won't be taken out of your salary!

How to Play

Build your Portfolio

You start the game with the virtual pot of $100,000 to build your trading portfolio. Use your money at your discretion, to purchase brands that you think will do well and provide you with the best returns.

Choosing your Brands

Choose any brand from any of the Country > Attribute > Brand filters at the top of the BUY ORDER page.

When searching for a Brand the results will provide you with a complete breakdown of the brand's profile to help you make the most informed decision.

You must choose at least one brand from a Brand Attribute as showing on the Ranking results page.

You cannot choose the same brand twice, even if it is in another attribute. For example, you can only buy Amazon once in Brand Strength, you cannot then purchase shares for Amazon under the Socially Responsible attribute.

How to win

That will be down to your financial crystal ball! However, the winner will be the person at the top of the leader board on the 21st March 2022 at 12:00pm GMT. The leader board position is calculated by the % change in virtual P&L (Profit and Loss) value from the initial $100,000 pot.
E.g. if your combined portfolio grows by $10,000 your % change will be 10%.

Trading & Performance Window

The BAV market allows you to buy and sell brands at any time of day or night. With each trade (Buy or Sell) there is a $10 trading fee. To calculate which traders are performing the best we crunch the numbers every day so you know exactly where you stand on the Leaderboard at any point in time.

What Do I Win?

Bragging rights as the best brand picker in your organisation, a virtual pot of gold and most importantly a trophy! Yes, a real trophy! And of course a chance to beat the boss! How satisfying.

Contact The BAV Helpdesk?

Click here to contact the BAV Help Desk. For more insights into brands to help your journey to fame and fortune can be found a wppbav.com, check out virtual experience apps, publications, thought leadership, interviews and podcasts.